When applying to Glitterfest we appreciate great pictures.  Please include close up  images of each category of work.  For example, jewelry, sculpture, painting, etc.

The better the images, the better you look, so make them great. Each artist is handpicked based on creativity, quality, and whether the items fit our vision of Glitterfest.


Jewelry is the hardest category to apply for.  We average 10 artists in this category for our spring event and 5 in the fall.  

The more unusual and original the better.  Originality counts! We love vintage, so that counts too.


We are always looking for painters, collage, and classically up-cycled creations.  Things that make you pause and think.

We work to keep our event fresh and different and select participants carefully. At this time we are not accepting candles, soap,

any new lines of any products of any kind. Here are some of our favorites!

Lisa Loria
Glitterfest Fall 2015
Sara Duarte
Michele Legler
Candace Navarette
Catherine Roberts
Robin Kelso
Lisa Loria
Martha Kenney
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Once you have been accepted, it is time for booth decor.  We expect to be transported by your display.  We do not allow grids, so use your imagination to come up with creative, unique, & safe displays.  Old doors, shutters frames...all good options.  When it comes to tent decor, we want those frames decorated as you would a retail space.

 Safely and beautifully! 

Here are some excellent  examples~

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